User Profile Service Failed The Logon And How To Fix It

Microsoft released Windows OS a long time ago. At this moment, the percent of Windows OS in the market is about 60%. The company has also recently released the Windows for mobile but didn’t get much market share yet.

When we talk about a desktop computer, we will think about Microsoft and Windows first. It was popular on the market for a long time, with several hundred million users.

We won’t discuss further on the good point of Windows OS. It’s time to talk about some common and popular errors that we face in Windows OS.

In this article, we will speak of the “user profile service failed the logon” error. An annoying error that makes most of us feel uncomfortable when it occurred.

Fix User Profile Failed In Windows

Firstly, this error appears in Windows because it can’t load the file of your account properly. This occurs because something happens to the profile file or it’s corrupted.

Many users when getting this error, they will think about reinstall Windows OS first. But if you are using that solution, you will also destroy all data in there.

You can easily fix user profile service failed the logon error by accessing Safe Mode in Windows and create a new Windows account. With this method, you will be able to login to your computer and get all data out of it.

You can also use Safe Mode to copy all data and personal files out of the computer via USB drive or external hard drive, and then reinstall your Windows OS. This method will help you to get your data back and protect it from losing.

Facebook SSL Connection Error And Google Chrome

Basically, I don’t think this is an error from Facebook. But today, I would like to share my old experience about how to pass thru the SSL connection error within the Google Chrome browser and

Like every day, I visit facebook frequently to check for new statuses as well as messages from friends. But one day, I went to in my Google Chrome browser, it says: Your connection is not private, and prevent me from accessing Facebook.

I’ve tried a few times but always getting the same error message from Google Chrome browser. I really don’t know what to do next. I did a few searches on and realize that my date and time of the computer was wrong.

I don’t know why the date and time of my computer were changed. But after changing it back to the correct one, I’m able to access Facebook again. From this experience, I would like to tell you that if you got the same error like me, make sure you will check and verify the date and time. It will help you to fix your connection is not private while visiting Facebook.

I have done a deeper search and found that there are a few other reasons that could lead to this error too. For example: If you have installed an internet security application on your computer, it might blocks the SSL connection between your computer and By that, Google Chrome will show you the “connection not private” error and prevent you from accessing Facebook.

In this case, you should also verify your internet security program and make sure it’s not block any of your connection.

Learn How To Fix DNS Probe Finished NXDomain Error

The Google Chrome is the fastest internet browser that I have been using. It provides the best performance and load speed when visit any website. This internet browser is one of the most reliable and flexible browsers, along with Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

But the Google Chrome still has a few errors within the browser, which we need to consider before using it. One of these annoying errors is the DNS error, especially the DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain error in the Chrome browser.

This error appears on your browser when something happens to the DNS server. The browser is trying to connect to the DNS server to translate the domain name to the right IP address, which belong to that domain. But the connection can’t be passed because the connection isn’t stable or can’t be reached.

If you want to resolve this error in Google Chrome, you can change default DNS server on your computer to be another one like OpenDNS, or maybe Google DNS. I’m now using the Google’s DNS service and nothing to complain about the service at all.

Sometimes, the cause is your browser, not from the DNS server. In this case, you can reset your Google Chrome browser or maybe try to reinstall it by uninstalling the browser, download the latest version of it and install it on your computer.

How Often You Are Using Task Manager Application On Your Mac?

You know, any operating system always has its own task manager application. But they have a different name for each operating system, such as Task Manager in Windows, or Activity Monitor in Mac OS X.

With me, I always use a task manager program to force quit an application when it’s not responding to my action or command. That’s the only way you could stop the problem, instead of restart your computer.

But, do you know how to open task manager program on your computer, especially on your specific operating system? In Windows, it’s very easy to open the task manager by pressing a combination key: Ctrl + Alt + Del. However, in Mac, it’s a little bit complicated to launch Task Manager Mac application, to force quit a program on your Mac.

There are a few ways that allow you to launch the Mac Task Manager quicker, such as pressing a combination key or use Spotlight to call the Activity Monitor program. I am always using Spotlight to open the Activity Monitor, as well as many other programs on my Mac computer when I need one.

In order to call Spotlight, just press Command + Space and type the name of the program you want to launch.

Learn How To Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Blue Screen Error

I’m using Windows for more than 10 years and still using it at this moment. In my life, Windows has many blue screen error that’s very annoying. When you got a blue screen error, your computer will be stopped, unable to use. Sometimes, it will automatically restart and all your work which unsaved are lost.

As I have mentioned above, there are so many blue screen errors, but you can fix almost of them, especially the dpc watchdog violation error. This blue screen error occurs due to wrong drivers, corrupted Windows system files or hardware compatibility.


It depends on the cause that lead to the error, you must use an appropriate solution to fix the dpc_watchdog_violation error on your Windows computer. If the problem is about the driver, I would suggest you uninstall all drivers that you have just installed recently. Or update all drivers to the latest version. This process could help you to fix the dpc watchdog violation problem instantly.

If your computer is affected by corrupted Windows system files, you must run repair mode to repair those corrupted system files. In order to repair those files, you must access to your computer under safe mode. By repairing corrupted files, it also could help you to solve the DNS server not responding error on your Windows computer as well.

If you have made any recently change, undo it by remove appropriate hardware or software.

A Good Instagram Bios Collection With Its Description

You know, Instagram is now become one of the most popular social networking websites, which allows users to upload and share images with each other, plus a short description or status.

If your business is based on Instagram and would like to increase followers, we would suggest you try to make the Instagram profile of your business is more attractive with good Instagram bios. It’s the first place people will look for your business on and you need to improve it immediately.

There is also a tool named Unfollowgram. It’s a web-based tool, which allows you to track who are just unfollow you on Instagram, recently. Normally, we are going to follow people on this popular social networking website and wait for them to follow you back. However, a few people are using a trick that follows someone, when they follow them back, they just unfollow and keep going like that.


It’s a bad behavior and you should avoid doing that. With Unfollowgram, you can track people who are using this trick to play you and you can easy to unfollow those bad users.

The good way to increase the number of followers as natural is build the popularity of your Instagram profile with good Instagram bios, the status as well as descriptions. When other users looking into your profile, it will attract and make them to follow you to track more status from you later.