Facebook SSL Connection Error And Google Chrome

Basically, I don’t think this is an error from Facebook. But today, I would like to share my old experience about how to pass thru the SSL connection error within the Google Chrome browser and Facebook.com.

Like every day, I visit facebook frequently to check for new statuses as well as messages from friends. But one day, I went to Facebook.com in my Google Chrome browser, it says: Your connection is not private, and prevent me from accessing Facebook.

I’ve tried a few times but always getting the same error message from Google Chrome browser. I really don’t know what to do next. I did a few searches on Google.com and realize that my date and time of the computer was wrong.

I don’t know why the date and time of my computer were changed. But after changing it back to the correct one, I’m able to access Facebook again. From this experience, I would like to tell you that if you got the same error like me, make sure you will check and verify the date and time. It will help you to fix your connection is not private while visiting Facebook.

I have done a deeper search and found that there are a few other reasons that could lead to this error too. For example: If you have installed an internet security application on your computer, it might blocks the SSL connection between your computer and Facebook.com. By that, Google Chrome will show you the “connection not private” error and prevent you from accessing Facebook.

In this case, you should also verify your internet security program and make sure it’s not block any of your connection.