Learn How To Fix DNS Probe Finished NXDomain Error

The Google Chrome is the fastest internet browser that I have been using. It provides the best performance and load speed when visit any website. This internet browser is one of the most reliable and flexible browsers, along with Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

But the Google Chrome still has a few errors within the browser, which we need to consider before using it. One of these annoying errors is the DNS error, especially the DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain error in the Chrome browser.

This error appears on your browser when something happens to the DNS server. The browser is trying to connect to the DNS server to translate the domain name to the right IP address, which belong to that domain. But the connection can’t be passed because the connection isn’t stable or can’t be reached.

If you want to resolve this error in Google Chrome, you can change default DNS server on your computer to be another one like OpenDNS, or maybe Google DNS. I’m now using the Google’s DNS service and nothing to complain about the service at all.

Sometimes, the cause is your browser, not from the DNS server. In this case, you can reset your Google Chrome browser or maybe try to reinstall it by uninstalling the browser, download the latest version of it and install it on your computer.