User Profile Service Failed The Logon And How To Fix It

Microsoft released Windows OS a long time ago. At this moment, the percent of Windows OS in the market is about 60%. The company has also recently released the Windows for mobile but didn’t get much market share yet.

When we talk about a desktop computer, we will think about Microsoft and Windows first. It was popular on the market for a long time, with several hundred million users.

We won’t discuss further on the good point of Windows OS. It’s time to talk about some common and popular errors that we face in Windows OS.

In this article, we will speak of the “user profile service failed the logon” error. An annoying error that makes most of us feel uncomfortable when it occurred.

Fix User Profile Failed In Windows

Firstly, this error appears in Windows because it can’t load the file of your account properly. This occurs because something happens to the profile file or it’s corrupted.

Many users when getting this error, they will think about reinstall Windows OS first. But if you are using that solution, you will also destroy all data in there.

You can easily fix user profile service failed the logon error by accessing Safe Mode in Windows and create a new Windows account. With this method, you will be able to login to your computer and get all data out of it.

You can also use Safe Mode to copy all data and personal files out of the computer via USB drive or external hard drive, and then reinstall your Windows OS. This method will help you to get your data back and protect it from losing.